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Whether you'd like to engage us for a world tour or are desperate to know who our hairdressers are, we're always interested in hearing from our friends and fans. We can supply promo packs to serious inquiries, and will be happy to at least entertain the idea of silly requests. Let us hear from you!

Call Joel @ 503.436.2051 or Bill @ 503.728.4767

Email Bill

Photos -
These thumbnail images are linked to much larger versions of themselves to be used for purposes of printing posters, using in press releases -- whatever kind of band promotional materials are necessary and appropriate -- and for our fans.

To save the larger versions of the photographs, you may click the smaller image here, then save the larger image once it has finished loading in your browser. Depending on your Internet connection speed, that could take a while. Otherwise, you can right-click your mouse and choose "Save link as..." (or whatever is correct for your browser/operating system). Because they're large, this method may also take a while to download, but you will have skipped the step in between.

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Posters - for club/venue owners, festival managers, or our diehard fans. Feel free to download any of our posters in .pdf format (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader), print them out, fill them out and make copies to spread the word of our upcoming appearance(s). We'll be ever-so grateful for your efforts on our behalf.



The Balls have been treated to the opportunity to play for such events/groups as:

County Fairs - Clatsop County, Oregon & San Juan County, Washington

KMUN Troll Radio Review Broadcasts

Lughnasa Festival - Annual Astoria, Oregon harvest celebration

Astoria Warrenton Crab & Seafood Festival

Washington State Parks - Waikiki Beach Concert Series at Cape Disappointment State Park

Concerts in the Park - Cannon Beach, Oregon's annual summer music series

Astoria Sunday Market - Astoria, Oregon summer outdoor market

Nehalem Bay Winery Bluegrass Festival

Gapsody - Union Gap, Washington's Music Festival

Many other fine venues around the NW region

Numerous weddings and wedding receptions, and other life event celebrations


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I live my life on the road,
I live the life I please.
I love to smell the morning dew and catch the
     evening breeze.
I live along the river bank, along the travelled trail.
I have come for many miles, many more to sail.

— Peter 'Spud' Siegel, Up the Street

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